Music Highlights


Reggae Yard - Sun 7pm

Two hours of great Reggae music presented by Norton Young Love, Selector West, Miss Ashley and Rootsbeat International. From the early rock steady to the newest dance hall sound, Reggae Yard covers five decades of Jamaican music as your hosts spin classic vinyl, highlight rarities, and explore the roots of Reggae.

Mike Check Show - Sun 9pm

The Mike Check Show is an R&B variety show starring Mike Check and Trey. From 9pm to midnight, the show blends a combination of hot topics, music news and relationship issues while playing music from yesterday to tomorrow.

Made in the U.S.A. - Sun 1pm

John McAlpine takes you through our country's rich heritage each week with a mix of history and music on Made in the U.S.A. Learn about legendary American figures like John Henry and Casey Jones as John digs deep for original recordings celebrating these rugged and heroic individuals.

Da Coconut Wireless - Sun 5pm

Da Coconut Wireless is the Hawaiian euphemism for "the grape vine." Rotating hosts Bruddah Ace, Sistah T and Brother Grant share their love of island music and culture.

Floating World - Sun 3pm

Hosts Steve Aagard, Cliff Baines, Wandering Joel, Wayne Lennon and DJ Kitty guide you through a diverse mix of music from cultures and places around the world.