Music Highlights


Weeknight Lineup

Programs recorded remotely by volunteer hosts.


8:30pm - Blue Moon Lounge with David Ballew
10:30pm - Celtic Caravan with Joe Fitch


7pm - Nordic Roots & Branches with Karen
8:30pm - Classical Edge with Chris Wartes
10:30pm - Nightfall with Jessica


7pm - Poptopia Parkway with Lon Palmer
8:30pm - From Here to Obscurity with Jerry Bennett
10:30pm - Unmitigated Audacity with The Goose


7pm - Soul & Blues Kitchen with Steve Aagard
9pm - Radio JJ with JJ


7pm - Passport with Leilani
8:30pm - Twenty Flight Rock with Delvin
10:30pm - Dead Electric with David Haldeman

UnderCurrents - Days, Evenings, Overnights

UnderCurrents is an adventurous mix of rock, blues, folk, native, Americana, funk, electronica, reggae, roots & more. Produced by host Gregg McVicar for Native Voice 1.

UnderCurrents Playlists