Music Highlights


Weekly Lineup

Due to the rapid spread of Covid-19 in Snohomish County and surrounding areas, KSER is temporarily reverting to recorded programming similar to what we brought you in 2020. Volunteer hosts have again been asked to record their programs remotely where possible. We hope this interruption in normal programming won't be long and that both our listeners and volunteers stay safe during these uncertain times.


7p - Caribbean Sounds with Noel Williams
8:30p - Blue Moon Lounge with David Ballew
10:30p - Celtic Caravan with Joe Fitch


7p - Nordic Roots & Branches with Karen
8:30p - Classical Edge with Chris Wartes
10:30p - Nightfall with Jessica


7p - Poptopia Parkway with Lon Palmer
8:30p - From Here to Obscurity with Jerry Bennett
10:30p - Unmitigated Audacity with The Goose


7p - Blues Highway from WXOX Louisville, KY
9p - Beale Street Caravan


7p - Passport with Leilani
8:30p - Twenty Flight Rock with Delvin
10:30p - Dead Electric with David Haldeman