Nordic Roots & Branches 11/10/09 Playlist

Link to DJ Bio Page: 
8:31p Knut Reiersrud, Hans Fredrik Jacobsen, Vajra Sylvartun Himalaya Blues Grappa
8:37p Laleh Der Yek Gosche Laleh Warner Music Sweden
8:43p Calle Hernmarck And Sten Andersson Limu Limu Lima, Älvdalen Ekon Från Vallskogen Twin Music
8:43p Triakel Er Framtid Blive Lyckelig Vintervisor NorthSide
8:53p Von and Alf In The Still Of The Night Folk Voices - Finnish Folk Song Through The Ages Ondine
8:56p Live Marie Roggen and Lars Andreas Haug En Aals Stemning Tu'Ba Jazzland
8:57p Stockholms Spelmanslag Pellar Anna Puls Tongång
9:11p Tango for 3 Milonga Del Angel 30 Years' Fidelity Kirkelig Kulturverksted
9:18p The Gentleman Losers Farandole Dustland City Center Offices
9:21p Loituma Salaisia Kyyneleitä (Secret Tears) Nordic Roots 2 NorthSide
9:23p rusk Kjøbmann Hanestads vals Rusk Heilo
9:27p Sturla|Andreas Almhjell Glimmer 2l
9:30p Bratland, Sondre Lamento For Fløyte Solo Pilegrimens Sangbog Kirkelig Kulturverksted
9:36p Afenginn Andante Mobile Akrobakkus tutl
9:40p Storm Weather Shanty Choir Drunken Sailor FolkeLarm Oslo 2008
9:44p The Maine Kanteles Jig The Simple Gift Lightyear
9:45p Irma Tapio Aa, Aa Allin Lasta Perinteiset Lastenlaulut 2 Fazer
9:52p Elin Furubotn I Det Stille Ein Tanke unna Kirkelig Kulturversted
9:59p Göran Månsson & Sven Aberg Fäxdans Spår ethno
10:00p Them Bird Things Blue Parakeet Fly Them Bird Things Fly! Playground
10:04p The Original Swedish Arvika Blues Breakers Nyponschottis The Original Swedish Arvika Blues Breakers Flora and Fauna
10:18p Ingvil Marit Garnås & Jon Anders Halvorsen Arvelodd Gåtesong Etnisk musikklubb
10:23p tania viit De røde hoser Folk Music from Denmark 2001 Tocano
10:25p Hale Bill and the Bopps Peli-Jussin syömämarssi Hale Bill and the Bopps Hale Bill and the Bopps
10:28p Marions Into Night Origins of Birds Marions
10:29p Kira Kira Melur Sjarmur Our Map To The Monster Olympics Smekkleysa

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