Nordic Roots and Branches 6/9/2009 Playlist

Link to DJ Bio Page: 
8:30p Hale Bill and the Bopps Jöns Lars Fars Hale Bill and the Bopps Hale Bill and the Bopps
8:41p Chateau Neuf Skalle-Per Stolen Goods  
8:42p Kristian Blak Mozart Duologues
8:46p Lien, Annbjørg Mother and a Son Waltz With Me Grappa
8:46p Kristian Blak/Anders Hjuler I ching Duologues  
8:56p Hoven Droven Årepolska Groove NorthSide
8:56p The Late Call Thinking What To Say Leaving Notes tapete
9:01p INTERVIEW WITH HALE BILL AND THE BOPPS!! lots of great ones! Hale Bill and the Bopps  
9:50p A Camp The Crowning Colonia Wigpowder / Universal Music AB, Sweden
9:53p Klintetten Polska Amerikanar´n  
9:53p Klakki Two Rainbows Lemon River tutl
10:05p Kvonn Hymn To St Magnus Kvonn tutl
10:05p Baltinget Klittur Folk & Roots Go' Danish Folk Music
10:06p Sorten Muld Roselil Rose III NorthSide
10:08p Olav Luksengard Mjelva Kjøbenhavneren, pols Fele/hardingfele. Røros/Hallindal  
10:08p Heidi Marie Kjersem Mary Full Of Grace A Killer For That Ache
10:16p The Gentleman Losers Honey Bunch Dustland  
10:35p Steindor Andersen Breiofjoro: Numarimur 2 Iceland - Steindor Andersen - Rimur (Icelandic Epi Naxos
10:36p Sinnika Langeland Liilla Fløyten Starflowers kkv
10:36p Marions Wonder Lady Origin of Birds  

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