Sound Living

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Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays at 4:00 pm
SOUND LIVING – A local, live public affairs program featuring some of the interesting people, provocative ideas and important issues that make living in the North Puget Sound unique.
Monday through Wednesday at 4pm, host Ed Bremer explores local issues with correspondents Jerry Cornfield, from the Herald's Olympia bureau, writer Sue Frause from Whidbey Island, Michael Whitney, editor of the Snohomish Tribune Newspapers and retired newspaper editor Darrell Gray from Oak Harbor.

Thursday and Friday, Sound Living becomes a live call-in forum to bring you into the conversation.
  • Thursday, get your health questions answered from a naturopathic perspective with doctors Kasra Pournadeli, Rebecca Dirks, Stacie Wells and Jennalyn McBride.
  • Friday, Ed brings people together from across the Sno-Isles to learn about local issues, discuss community and neighborhood concerns, speak to community leaders, and engage in civil, informed dialog.
  • Call-in Thursday and Friday with your questions and comments: 425-303-9070