New Dimensions - Sun 6am

The Spiritual Power Of Heartbreak with Susan Piver.  “Love is the least safe thing there is. It’s fierce. You can’t domesticate it. It’s wild. When you find it you should rejoice. When you lose it you should grieve.” So says Susan Piver, because she knows the joy of loving, the devastating groundlessness of betrayal, and the deep crushing loss when love goes away. But she also knows how to turn that trauma into something sacred, to learn the truth of who and what is most valuable in your life.

Alternative Radio - Sun 7am

Frances Fox Piven – What Movements Do.  The ruling class is organized and well-funded. What can be done to confront and defeat concentrations of power? Frances Fox Piven is a leading activist scholar. She is Distinguished Professor of Political Science and Sociology at CUNY.

Sound Living (Rebroadcast From Fri 4pm) - Sun 8am

Puget Sound Underwater with Drew Collins.  Drew Collins is president and founder of Made in Puget Sound, an all-volunteer organization committed to protecting and promoting a healthy Puget Sound.  He is also a professional wildlife photographer, marine naturalist and environmentalists. He’ll talk about environmental challenges faced by the Puget Sound and about the fish and animals he chronicles in his book, “Puget Sound Underwater.”
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Travel with Rick Steves - Sun 9am

Monet's Garden Passion; Ireland's Ring of Kerry; The Carry Home.  Elizabeth Murray tells us how working in the gardens at painter Claude Monet's house, near Paris, changed her life. Irish tour guides take us to the scenic highlights of the popular Ring of Kerry. And nature writer Gary Ferguson reveals how cultivating a relationship with the natural world helps us to better understand the beauty and mysteries of life.