New Dimensions - Sun 6am

The Choice Point for Humanity in “The Age of Surprises” with Deirdre Hade & William Arntz.  A physicist and a mystic make an unusual team, combining their wisdom and experience to encourage us at this time of “choice point” for humanity.

Alternative Radio - Sun 7am

Jason Stanley - How Fascism Works.  In the U.S. today, there is a whiff fascism in the air. Jason Stanley is the Jacob Urowsky Professor of Philosophy at Yale University. He is the author of Knowledge and Practical Interests, Language in Context, Know How and the award-winning How Propaganda Works.

Sound Living (Rebroadcast From Fri 4pm) - Sun 8am

TED X 2017.  Every year, the Sno-Isle Libraries bring together local thinkers and visionaries for a day-long “public think.” This year, the theme was “Sharing Our Future,” and the common thread was making community. Today on Sound Living, hear the remarks of four speakers from the 2017 Sno-Isle Libraries’ TED X event.
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Democracy Now! - Mon 5am, 7am & 5pm

Democracy Now! is a daily progressive, nonprofit, independently syndicated news hour that airs on more than 1,250 radio, television, satellite and cable TV networks around the globe. Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez host. Heard at 5am, 7am and 5pm.

Flashpoints - Mon 6am

Flashpoints is an award-winning daily investigative newsmagazine broadcast on the Pacifica Radio network, hosted by Dennis Bernstein. Through original reports and some of the key investigative reporters of our time, Flashpoints goes to the core of stories in the areas of government and corporate criminality, human rights, and economic justice.